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Mah Meri at Pulah Carey

Posted by at 12:17 AM on Aug 20, 2019


Selangor Tourism

For a fascinating look at one aspect of Malaysia's ethnic heritage, we recommend a visit to the Mah Meri people at their Cultural Village in Pulah Carey, Selangor, located about an hour by car from RSYC.

In their tribal language, Mah Meri translates into“people of the jungle". A long time ago, however, they were known to locals as“sea gypsies.”According to the legend, they once belonged to a prosperous kingdom in the Malay Archipelago. The Mah Meri are skilled in sculpturing, leaf origami, and scavenging for food on the beach and in the mangrove forest. Their people respect Nature just as much as they depend on the natural surroundings for their livelihood. Also know as the Maskmen of Malaysia, they are skilled wood carvers and offer for sale intricate wooden sculptures inspired by spirits and demons.

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